Philosophy in Transit


Philosophy in Transit is a new series of original philosophy books from Penguin. Penguin calls them "easily digestible, commute-length books." Can't say I've ever read a philosophy book that was either of those things, but this looks like a fantastic little series. The covers feature people actually in transit--really beautiful portraits by Wolfgang Tilmans. The type is set in Avenir.


The concept for the cover design is summed up by designer Matthew Young:

“The idea of commuting is used as a metaphor throughout the books to explain philosophical ideas and concepts, plus they’re short A-format editions that are perfect for reading on your way to work, on the Tube perhaps.”

The first four titles in the series have been written by John D. Caputo, Barry Dainton, Slavoj Zizek, and Susan Nieman, and will be available in September 2013.