Sensory Fiction


I recently blogged about the digital space lacking tangible items... But, then again, some folks at MIT have created a sensory book. "The wearable allows the reader to experience the protagonist’s physiological emotions." I am intrigued by this inasmuch as it is a novel (pun!) idea, but as far as my desire to actually try this thing....oy, it sounds horrible. Isn't the whole point of reading to experience the feelings yourself? And isn't the whole point of writing to write so well as to inspire the right emotions in your reader? If you have written well enough, your readers' heartbeats will accelerate. The idea of being touched by technology makes me vaguely uncomfortable--in the same sense that being touched by a stranger makes me uncomfortable--but there are plenty of hug shirts in the works, so maybe there's something here. Perhaps sensory fiction will open up a whole new realm of storytelling, but I remain dubious. 

Actually, my favorite thing about this book is that the cover reminds me of those Lite Brite toys I had as a kid. Those were amazing.