In Pieces: 30 Endangered Species

In Pieces is an interactive exhibit designed by Bryan James, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It's designed with CSS polygons, which gives it a graceful and angular sense of movement as you scroll through each animal. In explaining what the project is about, James writes, "Each species has a common struggle and is represented by one of 30 pieces which come together to form one another. The collection is a celebration of genetic diversity and an attempting reminder of the beauty we are on the verge of losing as every moment passes. These 30 animals have been chosen for their differences, so that we can learn about species we didn't know about previously as well as the struggles they have surviving. Many of them evolved in a particular way which makes them evolutionarily distinct." 

I've been doing a lot of research lately on animals, and their connections to humans via various technologies. Although my work is focused on animal-human relationships in cities, I was really drawn to this project as a way to hep humans think about animals in a new way. This project strikes me as a really great way to use design to raise awareness about endangered species, but it's also just a beautiful and unique use of CSS. I spent quite a bit of time with this project this afternoon, and it's just a really peaceful design experience. Check it out