My work has been published in Paper, The Rumpus, Santa Fe Writers Project, McSweeney's, Communication Arts, Your Impossible Voice, and elsewhere. I am currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories. Let's place bets on which one gets done first!   

Anthony Doerr - The Rumpus, May 2014
Adam Ross - The Rumpus, September 2012
Colson Whitehead - The Rumpus, July 2012
Daniel Alarcon (Radio Ambluante: This American Life) - The Rumpus, June 2012
Tupelo Hassman - The Rumpus, May 2012
Justin Torres - The Rumpus, October 2011
Aimee Bender - The Rumpus, April 2011
Susan Cervantes - McSweeney’s, December 2010

No One Can Take a Bath For You: Why I Write - The Rumpus, June 2011
Last Book I Loved: Willful Creatures - The Rumpus, March 2010
Voyeurism: Goddard and Hitchcock - immediacy, May 2007
Design and Activism - immediacy, October 2006
Okkervil River and Through the Woods - Paper, December 2005

The Lonely City, by Olivia Laing - Your Impossible Voice, April 2016
Scrapper, by Matt Bell - Your Impossible Voice, November 2015
Sidewalks, by Valeria Luiselli - Your Impossible Voice, July 2014
Mirror Gazing, by Warren Motte - Your Impossible Voice, April 2014
This Is Between Us, by Kevin Sampsell - Your Impossible Voice, November 2013
Radio Silence - The Rumpus, July 2012
Esopus - The Rumpus, January 2012
The Coffin Factory - The Rumpus, November 2011
Boat - The Rumpus, October, 2011
We The Animals, by Justin Torres  - The Rumpus, October 2011
Tom Waits on Tom Waits - The Rumpus, September 2011
Annalemma - The Rumpus, August 2011
The Paris Review - The Rumpus, May 2011
Canteen - The Rumpus, April 2011
McSweeney’s - The Rumpus, February 2011
Tin House - The Rumpus, December 2010
Zoetrope - The Rumpus, November 2010
Ploughshares - The Rumpus, October 2010
Gee's Bend, Seattle Weekly, February 2009
1448, Seattle Weekly, January 2009
A Stoppard Duo, Seattle Weekly, November 2008
The Fever, Seattle Weekly, October 2008
Three Hotels, Seattle Weekly, June 2008
10,000 Things, Seattle Weekly, June 2008
Take Me With You, Seattle Weekly, May 2008

Goodnight, Wolf Girl - Compose, October 2016
Nightfall - Santa Fe Writers Project, October 2016
Reverse Commuters - Clipped, January 2012
Bruised Los Angeles - Dial, November 2008
Colorado Rust - Adbuster’s, October 2005
The Day Rick Reed Died - Fragments, May 2002
Melting Chocolate - Fragments, May 2001

Smith, Nancy, Shaowen Bardzell, and Jeffrey Bardzell. “Designing for Cohabitation: Naturecultures, Hybrids, and Decentering the Human in Design” in Proceedings of the 35th Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM. 2017.

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Smith, Nancy. “Cultivating the Technological Imagination” in Cultural Studies. Vol 29, Issue 5-6. 2015. 

Midnight Breakfast: Issue 12,  August 2015
Midnight Breakfast: Issue 0, March 2014
California Home + Design, April 2012
Alex Zafiris Collaboration, September 2011
Grantland: Volume 1, McSweeney's, January 2011
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, The Believer, July 2010
The Art of McSweeney's, McSweeney's, June 2012
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